About Us

How it works

The ride outs take place on the last Sunday of every month usually from Moat farm in Donard, Co.Wicklow at 1pm. We would like to organise these rides from other locations so if you know of a route that would be suitable please do not hesitate to contact us.

The ride out varies between 2 – 3 hours in length, which may consist of some or all of the following – fields, forestry tracks, rivers and roads although the roadwork is always kept to the minimum possible. There is plenty of jumping whether it be small, large, natural or specifically constructed jumps – all jumping is optional so if you are a little nervous, its not a problem there will be a way around them – just ask the leader or closer. The leader leads the group on the specific route and should not be overtaken; at the rear of the group is the closer – it is important that you stay within the group between the leader and closer.

When crossing through fields we request that you stay to the headlands (outer perimeter\boundary of the field) unless otherwise instructed. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask the leader or closer although a lot of the riders on the day will be regular attendees of our rideouts and may also be able to help you with your query. If for some reason you must return to the venue (lost shoe, injury etc) please inform the leader and\or closer who can advise you of the shortest possible route back. Donard Tidy Towns supply refreshments of tea and sandwiches in the local hall after the ride out on the last Sunday of the month.

The lands used are not owned by Donard Glen Equestrian but permission is kindly given by local farmers and Coillte, therefore the tracks are not available to members of the public without the prior consent of Donard Glen Equestrian. Whilst using the fields and tracks we are obliged to follow the instructions given to us by the landowners and therefore we would request that all riders follow these instructions (single file, headlands etc). If you would like to use some of the routes at other times please do not hesitate to contact anyone of the list below.

The standard cost is €25 per adult and €10 per child\student


Safety & Insurance

All riders ride at their own risk and therefore are responsible for their own safety and that of their horse. Donard Glen Equestrian has insurance but this is to indemnify the landowners only. We recommend that each rider have his or her own personal full accident insurance. If your horse is prone to kicking please tie a red ribbon on their tail, which will indicate to other riders that the horse may kick, therefore other riders should be aware to keep a safe distance from the rear of your horse. If you have a full stallion we request that you place a blue ribbon on their tail to alert other riders.

Donard Glen Equestrian do not own any horses but if you would like to hire a horse for a ride out we can recommend persons in the area that may have a horse available to hire.



Donard Equestrian was established in 1991, the first ride out took place on May 12th. In that time only 2 rideouts have ever been cancelled which was due to adverse weather conditions. Since this date more than €135,000 has been donated to charity, the proceeds of the rideouts are donated to local and national charities a sample of the charities are:

  • Baltinglass Hospital Care Fund
  • Temple Street Children’s hospital
  • The Red Cross
  • Donard Tidy Towns
  • Local churches
  • Local GAA clubs
  • Local Senior citizens groups

All the jumps and access between farms was set-up by the committee, riders and local farmers all of whom donated their time at no cost. This allows Donard Glen Equestrian to maximise the amount that can be donated to charity. No committee member or rider has any financial benefit from any of the proceeds. The only costs incurred by Donard Equestrian are insurance, permits and equipment for jumps and fences.